"Flip" over the Linyanti Delta in 2014

Let African Bush Camps take your safari experience to new heights in 2014 as we introduce the inclusion of helicopter flights as part of our activity offering. As the African landscape unfolds beneath you… enjoy viewing a dark mass of buffaloes running through dusty terrain…



…the grey shadows of elephants followed by a white wake of water as these majestic animals traverse the channels of the Linyanti…



…or simply fly to a remote spot for your own private picnic amidst the Linyanti Channels.



As one of the least visited areas of Botswana, the Linyanti Reserve is fully in tact and offers a pristine, almost untouched, view of Africa’s wildest and remote areas. The varied habitats include floodplains, grasslands, exotic palm islands, scrub vegetation and woodlands, all of which provide an experience of varied eco-systems operating within one reserve, and all of which accommodate a large variety of unique wildlife, birdlife and plant species.

In an effort to show-case the expanse and varied scenery of the Linyanti Delta Experience, as seen from the air, African Bush Camps will be incorporating a half hour helicopter flight per stay as one of their activities from Linyanti Bush Camp and Linyanti Ebony.



The Linyanti area is remotely situated in the extreme Northern reaches of Botswana and is located on the outskirts of the Chobe National Park, providing guests visiting the area an unrivaled atmosphere of exclusivity and a seemingly unlimited expanse of wilderness.

During the Dryer months (between May and October), the surface water in surrounding areas becomes scarce, and as a result animals congregate in large numbers along the Linyanti River and the Linyanti Marsh. The rare and aquatic sitatunga antelope is regularly sighted in the area and has specially adapted hooves for Marshland systems, allowing the animal to submerge itself in water when frightened. The area is also well known for its large herds of Elephant, Buffalo and Zebra, as well as its magnificent sable and roan populations.  In addition to this, Linyanti is a haven to several predator species including Wild Dog, Lion, and Leopard.



With this new offering you will now be able to experience the Linyanti from the air, on water, on foot and by vehicle. For futher information, please enquire direct to info@africanbushcamps.com