Maintaining our Ethos but changing the Look - Khwai Tented Camp and the introduction of the Khwai Family Camp

At African Bush Camps we have always held a firm belief that the key to any safari experience are the guides and the hosts facilitating the safari and that their passion and knowledge can make the difference between a good safari and a completely unique and truly memorable one. The journeys we share are all about the stories… the stories of the country you are visiting, its wildlife, its landscape, its history and of its people. Each story told by our guides and our hosts provides an intimate glimpse of the remote wilderness areas in which our camps are located. This ethos will be refocused and energised in 2015 as our owner Beks Ndlovu and two of our Directors, Nic Polenakis and Ian Batchelor, all well renowned professional and private guides by trade, undertake full and consistent training and mentoring of our guides across the portfolio. Alongside this, we will be conducting full rebuilds of our camps in two of our most popular destinations, Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and the Khwai Community area in Botswana. The rebuilds will focus on taking our accommodation to the next level to ensure that the comfort of our guests experience is on par with our guiding and service delivery.


Khwai Tented Camp and the introduction of the Khwai Family CampKhwai Tented Unit

We are delighted to announce that we will be expanding our offering at Khwai to include a Family Camp. With the increase in Family / Generational travel, we are ensuring that we are able to offer a variety of options available to families with young children who wish to share the authentic safari experience.

As a result we will be conducting a full rebuild of Khwai Tented Camp which will be completed by 1st July 2015 and this will include a NEW Family focused camp offering. Beginning with the building of the new Khwai Tented Camp, we will be keeping the existing Khwai Tented Camp open during the building in order to continue to offer the Khwai experience to our guests during this period. Once the NEW Khwai Tented Camp is complete we will then begin the rebuild of what will become the Khwai Tented Camp Family experience.

The exciting changes included in the rebuild of these camps are as follows:-

– Completely new tents
– Two NEW Main Areas which will be extended in size compared to the existing Main Area.
– The inclusion of a Family Camp next door in order to offer the Khwai experience to families with young children as well as your smaller groups who would like exclusive use (Two Family Units and three standard tents)
– The camps will run on full solar power
– We will be implementing eco-friendly waste management systems
– The full fleet of vehicles will be replaced (We already have one new vehicle being utilised at Khwai)

*In addition, the full fleet of vehicles across our Portfolio will be replaced and all other camps in our portfolio will be receiving an upgrade on soft furnishings and appearance.