In an effort to encourage family travel and provide an educational platform for our younger guests to learn about wildlife and conservation of the areas they are visiting, our new Linyanti Concession Managers, Natalie and Wilhelm Gouws have introduced and implemented a new children’s activity in the form of a ‘Junior Field Guide’ course.

The idea behind the course is to inspire and educate the younger and future generations traveling to Africa, by teaching them about the various animals, birds, plants and general conservation issues relevant to the African continent.

Recent guests were put to the ‘test’ on what they had learnt and a ceremony was held to award and celebrate their achievement in successfully passing the African Bush Camps Junior Field Guides test.

African Bush Camps is delighted to announce the names of the first guests to be awarded the ‘Junior Field Guide’ Certificate:

  • Jane Osbourne
  • Laura Osbourne
  • Michael Osborne

Junior Field Guide Course Junior Field Guide Course Junior Field Guide Course

Our new Linyanti Concession Managers, Natalie and Wilhelm, who implemented the initiative stated, ‘We hope this new activity for our younger guests will sow the seeds for them to become future ambassadors for conserving nature.’

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