Pangolin In Zimbabwe

As one of the most elusive mammal groups in the world, it is a unique encounter to come across a Pangolin in the wild. But in May 2012, guests staying at the African Bush Camps properties in Zimbabwe were privy to sightings of these unique and extraordinary creatures.

Early in May, guests at Kanga Camp in Mana Pools were treated to a quick glimpse of a Pangolin as they travelled en route to our Dandawa airstrip for their departure. Having spent a relaxing yet adventure filled two days at Kanga, the guests boarded their Safari Logistics flight with huge smiles at their last sighting of the rare and endangered Pangolin species

The again, last week at Somalisa Camp, guests in Camp were treated to an unusual visitor. The Pangolin arrived quietly and unannounced, foraging for food as it walked straight through the middle of Somalisa Camp in the late afternoon. It remained in the area for a few days before moving on.

African Bush Camps immediately alerted the Tikki Haywood Trust of the sightings.

The Tikki Haywood Trust is a non-profit charitable organisation offering a fresh and positive contribution to Zimbabwean conservation. Focusing on the preservation of species that lack the charisma and appeal of the larger, more publicised rare animals, the Tikki Hywood Trust undertakes, to study and breed some of the most endangered animals in Southern Africa.

African Bush Camps encourage all visitors to Zimbabwe to please notify The Tikki Haywood Trust of any and all sightings of the rare and endangered Pangolin species.

To find out more about the Tikki Haywood Trust or to support them in their initiatives, please visit

Other sightings in the camps over the past month include lions, elephants, buffalo, hyaenas, wild dog, leopard, jackal, civet, porcupines, and other antelope and plains game species.