The first 5 months of 2013 have seen the lowest water levels experienced along the Linyanti River and Marshlands in three years. As a result boating activities had to be put on a temporary hold and mokoro safaris were only being offered from specific points where the channel waters were deeper.


We are however delighted to announce that the much awaited water filtering down from countries in the North have arrived and the Linyanti is once again rising. As a result our water activities are once again on full offer to guests staying at our Linyanti properties.



Forming a natural Border between Namibia and Botswana, the Linyanti River stems from the Cuando (Kwando) River, which originates and rises from the slopes of Mount Tembo in Angola, and flows in a south-easterly direction. Following a smooth and gentle course, the river flows between Nambia and Botswana until it meets a volcanic fault line and it is at this point that the river takes a dramatic 90-degree change of course to a north-easterly direction. At this juncture, the Linyanti Marsh / Swamp is formed, providing a similar appearance to the Okavango Delta, with papyrus lined lagoons and waterways alongside riverine forests of jackal berry and sausage trees, and leading to open grasslands and dry inland wooded areas. The river then reconnects its flow later, turning into the Chobe River and eventually meeting as a confluence with the Zambezi River at Kazungula.



The surface waters of the Linyanti River and Marshlands are largely reliant on rainfall experienced in countries north of Botswana and the resultant filtering down from other areas and River systems can dictate the channel depths of the Linyanti. Whilst we aspire to provide water activities in the area year round, the safety of our guests is of paramount importance and we therefore take stringent measures to assess the depths of the waters before offering guests these activities.



We will endeavor to notify you in a timely manner if there are significant drops in water levels which could affect the activities on offer to your guests.