The Super Sensory Safari

A Safari Experience Unlike Any Other

African Bush Camps is pioneering the experiential safari concept through the creation of our Super Sensory Safari. This set departure itinerary will launch in April 2017, when guests will fly into Mana Pools National Park with Safari Logistics and combine Kanga Camp & Zambezi Expeditions in a 6 night package, fully inclusive. The Super Sensory Safari concept is groundbreaking in that it not only includes specific sense stimulating activities with our team of highly experienced Professional Guides but also features the inclusion of in depth approaches to studying natural systems and processes through the lens of Biomimicry (the inspiring practice of learning from and emulating nature’s genius) with specialist guide Rob Janisch and the team at Imaginature, as well as the high tech equipment and concept of ‘Soundscape Safaris’, with Derek Solomon.

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*Mana Madness Special Applies*

Day 1:
– Arrive at the only inland camp in Mana Pools National Park, away from the waters of the Zambezi River, but situated on edges of the Kanga Pan, the only water source for miles around, and home to the famous Armchair Safari
– An afternoon game drive and sundownder to orientate yourself and be introduced to the idyllic Mana Pools National Park

Kanga Camp 3

Day 2:
– After a scrumptious breakfast, prepared in the Kanga kitchen, guests will embark on a walking safari led by African Bush Camps Professional Guides. This will be a walking safari with a difference, focusing on elements of smell and touch … and end off in a secret location, where a unique bush lunch will be waiting your arrival
– Head back to Kanga Camp for a relaxing Armchair Safari experience or out on Game Drive, dependant on what wildlife is around and what guests prefer
– An evening welcome talk from specialist guest guides Derek Solomon and Rob Janisch and a Soundscape Safari experience from the wooden deck on the Kanga Pan

Day 3:
– A full day of activities; experiencing the magic of Mana Pools National Park and the genius of nature, through the lens of Biomimicry with Rob Janisch, as well as game drive activities with high tech sound equipment, exploring the meaning and purpose of all the sounds and calls in mother nature around you, with Derek Solomon

Day 4:
– After a farewell breakfast, overlooking the Kanga Pan, guests will depart on a Game Drive to Zambezi Expeditions on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River
– Upon arrival at the picturesque location, next to the most significant water source in the region, guests will be welcomed with a fresh lunch and an evening of bliss in one of the most sought safari locations in Southern Africa

Zambezi Expeditions 2

Day 5 – 7:
– The next three days will be completely flexible, with a range of activities on offer at Zambezi Expeditions; from morning walking safaris, to afternoon canoe excursions, game drives, fishing or just relaxing and observing one of the wildest places left on the African continent

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*Mana Madness Special Applies*

What is a Soundscape Safari?

With the use of individual headphones each linked to sophisticated microphones, animal behaviour specialist and wildlife sound recordist, Derek Solomon, introduces you to the sounds of the bush – from the songs of elephants, hyenas and lions to the multitude of birds, frogs and insects, providing you with a safari experience like no other. Listening to the voices of the natural world makes you realise that sound is more evocative than any other sense.

What is Biomimicry?

‘Bios’ means life, ‘mimicry’ means to imitate. Biomimicry is the practice of learning from and then emulating life’s genius to solve design challenges and create a more sustainable world. It is a relatively new field of study, an ethos, a branch of science … a new way of viewing and valuing biodiversity. It leverages on the idea that life has been on planet earth for over 3.8 billion years, and as such provides a wealth of experience and wisdom in the natural world around us. Watch this short clip, created by Leonardo DiCaprio of Janine Benyus, Co-founder of the Biomimicry Institute introducing the concept with some inspiring examples.

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