About Us

Safari Enthusiasts Committed to Authentic African Bush Experiences

African Bush Camps is a small and independently owned African-based company run by one of Africa’s top Safari guides Beks Ndlovu and his wife Sophia. The company was formed as a result of the growth of Beks Safaris, where Beks used his natural talents and outstanding guiding skills to promote the concept of privately guided safaris through remote parts of Africa.

Beks and Sophia passionately believe that your guides and hosts in Africa are the key to making your safari the most memorable African experience. Our professional guides will ensure that through their knowledge and experience, they unravel a wilderness adventure that exceeds your dreams, and that you are hosted in a cultured, informed and charming manner.

To compliment their vision, Beks & Sophia have taken on a number of Safari properties and operations under the African Bush Camps brand. These facilities enable you to experience an authentic view of the old ‘untouched’ Africa, with minimal impact on the environment whilst enjoying the best wildlife encounters.

Our speciality is to create tailor-made safari itineraries which are structured according to your requests and which meet and exceed the expectations of today’s modern traveller. African Bush Camps proudly works in collaboration with third party lodges and hotels to ensure that should you wish to include alternative destinations or experiences into your safari, we are able to do so. Please tell us how you would like your safari to be tailormade!
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Our passion and our quest is to explore the wildest and most remote parts of Africa, away from the crowds or influence of today’s developing civilisations and to share these unspoilt locations with our guests, whilst having access to the other iconic destinations in the region.

As the modern world has continued to change, and individuals' expectations shift, so too has the use of the word “Safari”. African Bush Camps vision and ideas of an authentic Safari have remained unchanged: maintaining the concept of the ‘Old Untouched’ Africa within each of our camps. In addition, we have maintained the concept of a ‘light environmental footprint’ in our camps to ensure we are environmentally friendly and are having a minimal impact on the ecology and wildlife in the areas in which we operate.

We have a strong moral and ethical code regarding our operations, to ensure that we are continually engaging in local and community development and ensuring that Africa’s communities benefit from tourism enterprises. See more on our African Bush Camps Foundation.

We aim to be an effective, professional and profitable tourism company that works in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, whilst seeking to empower local communities and to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Thus our corporate values:

  • Respect & integrity for all: internally and externally.
  • Exceeding expectations: going the extra mile to deliver a world class level of service to our partners, suppliers and guests.
  • To embody professional and ethical attributes in our products, attitudes and behavior
  • Environmental responsibility and community focus: creating a people-centered and wildlife orientated environment.
  • Team focused: to attract, retain and develop a strong team spirit within the African Bush Camps Team and partner with like minded tourism industry players.
  • Inspiring each other and those around us: communicating our passion, visions and values within the team, to our partners and valued guests.
  • To continue to identify, develop and establish reliable, attractive and unique product offerings.