Airport / Airstrip

Flights Operate daily
From To Flight Time
Victoria Falls Manga/Hwange 00:45min
Stopover 00:20min
Manga/Hwange Bumi/Kariba 01:40min
Refuel 00:30min
Bumi/Kariba Dandawa/Mana 00:45min
Stopover 00:20min
Dandawa/Mana Kariba/Bumi 01:50min
Refuel 00:30min
Bumi/Kariba Hwange/Manga 00:40min
Stopover 00:20min
Manga/Hwange Victoria Falls 00:45min

We believe that marketing Zimbabwe as a destination will bring business for all Zimbabwe based service and accommodation providers whilst creating a cost effective and workable solution for travellers and suppliers of tourism into the country.

Due to low numbers in travel to Zimbabwe over the last few years, guests looking to fly between local destinations, such as Victoria Falls to Mana Pools, would have to book and pay for a private air charter. This is a very expensive way to travel particularly if you are travelling as a couple.

With Safari Logistics, you can now simply book and pay for a seat on our guaranteed schedules that run daily departing from Victoria Falls.

Baggage on air transfers is restricted to a maximum of 15kg per person in a soft bag and 5kg of hand luggage (including camera & sporting equipment). Special arrangements can be made, at an extra cost, for additional luggage. Excess luggage not pre-booked can result in additional costs and delays in getting travellers and baggage to their final destination.

The pilot reserves the right to deny passengers and / or luggage on the flight if he believes that safety could be compromised due to overloading.

Passengers over 120 kilograms or 265 pounds may have to purchase an extra seat. To avoid delays at the airport, please inform us prior to travel if this is the case.

Due to operational considerations a bigger aircraft may be sourced for the route, however weight restrictions still apply.

The schedule requires a minimum of two people to guarantee departure, hence single travellers will have to pay for two as a surcharge regardless of how many people end up on the aircraft on the day of flying.

  1. As this is an Air Taxi type concept, you can expect to have at least, or up to, 3 stops along the way before you reach your destination. This is particularly for travellers that are flying either to Mana Pools from Victoria Falls or vice versa. This means that travel time for the longer flights could take up to 5 hours before you reach your destination. However, you will only be charged the amount for the specific sector
  2. The schedule is operated daily, with a minimum of two passengers. However, charter flights can be requested and these will be serviced based on individual requests and will be offered on a case by case basis.
  3. There will be at least 1 fuel stop on the schedule over and above any drop off and pick up stops, mostly in Kariba.
  4. The Schedule is run on a first book first serve basis and seats are limited, hence in order to guarantee your seat, you are encouraged to book in advance to allow for efficient scheduling and planning
  5. Departure taxes are not included and this is to be paid directly at each commercial airport i.e. Victoria Falls, Hwange, and Kariba. The pilot will collect the amount from guests prior to flying. These departure taxes are subject to change without notice (currently $15 per person).
  6. Safari Logistics have no control of sudden fuel and levy increases and hence all rates are subject to change without notice. However, confirmed bookings prior to increase will be honored at the same rates.
  7. Due to the flying times the schedule routes does not connect with any incoming or out going Regional and International commercial flights. Therefore, we kindly request that Agents do not book any connecting flights in and out of Victoria Falls and Harare on the same day as the transfer. Safari Logistics will not be held liable or responsible for any unforeseen delays to any destination that might result in guests missing out on any connecting travel movements or activities.
  8. Safari Logistics will not be held liable for providing guests with food or drinks during their transfers. As some routes may take up to 5 hours, we provide an in-flight snack.
  9. All payment and cancellation policies are in accordance with African Bush Camps terms and conditions of travel as stated.