African Bush Camps applauds visionary leadership

African Bush Camps applauds the outcome of the Summit for Sustainability in Africa that took place in Gaborone,  which reinforced African countries’ commitment to sustainability and conservation of the African environment.

The Summit for Sustainability in Africa that took place on the 24th and 25th May in Gaborone, Botswana marks a turning point in the affairs of the world.

Attended by Presidents Khama, Sirleaf, Pohamba and Ali and Vice President Bilal the conference also attracted Ministers from Gabon, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa with the express purpose of declaring these countries’ commitment to sustainability.


Leaders affirmed in a declaration that they will not sanction the exploitation of natural resources at the expense of underlying ecosystems, and that development that sustains its environments would be the path of the future.

As photographic tourism operators African Bush Camps applauds this initiative and supports the policies that reinforce its vision. African Bush Camps is focused on and dedicated to Sustainable Tourism, conserving the wildlife as well as the cultures within the areas in which we operate.

Ecotourism is a fine example of sustainable development. We are pleased to be working at the forefront of preserving the continent’s natural systems.

Read more on Conservation International for details of this summit