The African Painted Dogs have been regular visitors at Kanga Camp over the last two weeks and have killed Impala and Kudu at the Pan in front of camp.

The two separate experiences are outlined below:

As the full moon descended over Kanga Camp, an eiry silence filled the air as our guests sat on the main decking area enjoying their meal and listening to the sounds of the night. Quite suddenly the silence was broken as an Impala dashed through the water closely followed by a pack of nine Wild Dog. The Wild Dogs proved to be too quick for the Impala and guests watched as the pack quickly began feasting on the antelope. A Hyena tried to scavenge off the kill but four of the Painted dogs defended their meal and sent the Hyena growling and skulking away. The dogs kept a close watch of him, as he skirted around the pan, looking for an opportunity to scavenge, and every time he got too close they would attack. The meal was quickly finished and the pack departed leaving the guests at camp satisfied with their evening entertainment and ready for bed. The following morning, as guests made their way to the main area for breakfast they were surprised with three female lions drinking at the pan.


A few days later, the Painted Dogs were drinking at the pan when a young female Kudu appeared. Sighting the Painted Dogs, the Kudu tried to make a quick escape. The Dogs gave chase and filed out into an orderly attack mode coming from all sides.


The pack of 9 killed the Kudu in the mud on the edge of the Pan and then pulled the dead Kudu further into the shade. They made light work of the kudu and it was not long before the meal was over.

Wild Dogs in a pack will usually return to their den and regurgitate the meat to the alpha female and their puppies. It is thought that this particular Painted Dog Pack has a den not far from Kanga Camp. The Painted Dogs remained at the Pan for an hour after their feast, playing, bonding and pouncing on each other.

Hyena’s and Vultures soon arrived on the scene to see if they could snatch up any morsels left over. Our Management at Kanga estimate that there was over 50 of the carrion eating birds at the Pan, including White Backed Vultures, White Hooded Vultures and White Headed Vultures.

Other sightings at Kanga Camp have included Elephant, Civet, Genet, warthog, varied antelope species, monkeys and a wide variety of bird life.