Botswana: The Perfect Safari Destination

A renowned safari destination for its unique blend of contrasting landscapes, abundant wildlife and a proud history of wildlife conservation, Botswana is a paradise for mobile tented safaris and attracts the most demanding traveller.

Imagine a country where natural parks and vast private game reserves make up 40% of a fenceless territory, enabling huge herds of game to roam freely in contrasting landcapes of magnificent extremes, from the Kalahari’s desert plains to the Okavango’s lush waterways… A land of stagering beauty, Botswana has developed a tradition of top-level safari tourism, offering some of the best wildlife safaris you will find. Moreover, the diversity of habitats suggests a safari for every season.

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As we specialize in Botswana safaris, we have set up permanent and mobile tented camps to cover each of the amazing safari destinations. Please visit our safari camps in Boswana, choose a safari itinerary, or contact us for a tailormade safari proposal.

Botswana for the Traveller

Botswana – The History

Known for peace and tranquillity, diamonds and beef, Botswana is an enchanting country with unfenced wilderness, friendly people and culture. The country of the Tswana people is a safe and secure holiday destination to visit, with little crime and no political unrest. The small African kingdom enjoys a quiet democratic, and parliamentary government, a stable economy and good infrastructures. With a population of approximately 1.8 million, Botswana is said to have more animals – both wild game and cattle – than humans. In addition, Botswana has a rich cultural history, much of which is being discovered daily by amateur archaeologists. This includes the stone wall ruins, patterned pottery and Stone Age tools that litter the countryside.

Consult more information on Botswana from Wikipedia or the Country reports.

Authentic safari tourism
The country has a proud history of wildlife management and conservation, and specializes in upmarket safari tourism. With a number of largely unspoilt wilderness areas, travellers are able to enjoy exclusive spots and unparalleled African adventure experiences. There are also a growing number of successful community based tourism initiatives, further integrate safari tourism into a sustainable operation for the country’s overall development.
A patchwork of habitats & wildlife

Botswana is ideally located in the heart of Southern Africa between Zambia, South Africa and Namibia. Known worldwide for the famous Okavango Delta, the country offers a patchwork of different ecosystems and magnificent wildlife: from the scorching Kalahari desert to the amazing waterways of the Okavango Delta. Also major safari attractions are the the Chobe National park, a typical African safari environment, and the amazing salt pans at the Makgadikgadi & Nxai Pan National Parks, which are annual hosts of the second largest wildlife migration in Africa.

Botswana is also famous for having the largest population of elephants in the world (estimated at over 120,000), and they can be seen migrating throughout the country. In addition, Botswana is home to almost 600 species of birds, including many unique and rare specimens.

A safari for every season

The variety of the habitats guarantee great safari experiences at almost any time of the year, depending on the destination.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
4 Seasons Summer Autumn Winter Spring Summer
Safari Seasons Green Shoulder Dry Shoulder Green
Botswana Rates Low Medium High Low
  • The green season (December to March/April) provides exceptional opportunities to photograph the landscape of Botswana which has vivid colour variations, dense vegetation and good encounters in the Okavango Delta & Moremi Game Reserve.
  • The green season is also the best time of year to experience and explore the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Makgadikgadi & Nxai Pans National Parks where the second largest wildlife migration takes place annually.
  • The dry season (May/June to October) is normally considered the best time for game viewing, as the vegetation is not as dense and because it is then easier to view the animals when they come to the permanent water points for drinking.
You will benefit from lower rates in our camps and safaris during the green season, which is from December through to March, and also for the shoulder seasons (April to June & November). To better understand seasons in the region, please check our safari seasons information.

Linyanti Ebony

Chobe Enclave

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Khwai Tented Camp

Eastern Border of Moremi Game Reserve

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Linyanti Bush Camp

Chobe Enclave

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