Held in Hwange National Park and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mana Pools, the Annual Zimbabwe Wildlife Consensus (the ‘Game Count’) is fast approaching and this year African Bush Camps and African Bush Camps Foundation are proud to take part in collaboration with the Wildlife Environment of Zimbabwe (WEZ).



Held on the 29th September 2012 over a 24 hour period (usually during the Full Moon), volunteers from all walks of life, both locally and internationally will take part in the 2012 Game Count Consensus.

‘Counters’ are positioned at designated pans and waterholes throughout the Parks and are provided with a checklist of species, used to identify (as best as possible) with point form notes as to gender, noticeable markings or behaviour etc. ‘Counters’ are to arrive at their designated pans at 11hoo to begin the count at 12 midday and are not to leave the site for a period of 24 hours until 12 midday on the 30th September 2012.



The Hwange Annual game count consensus was originally set up in 1972, making it one of the longest continual game consesus projects in Southern Africa. Through the results of the consensus, WEZ are able to assess the collected and collated data to establish the state of the environment and the wildlife numbers within the park compared with previous years and dependant on the levels of rainfall in that particular year. It is these statistics which highlight the estimated wildlife populations of each species and provide any signs of strain on the environment or on a particular species. Valuable information to ensuring the long-term conservation of Hwange National Park.

To find out more information or to look at opportunities to take part in the 2013 Game Count Consensus, please kindly contact us on marketing@africanbushcamps.com.