As always, our green season gives clients an opportunity to forget their busy lives and immerse themselves in unique sights, smells and sounds of the African bush. The rains have already made a majestic appearance this year with Impala already having their little calves and Wildebeest doing the same. The recordings so far seem higher than last year’s rainfall recordings.

The Hwange National Park has undergone a remarkable transformation and Somalisa is now embedded in a place of many shades of green. Although we are already in the green season, extremely good sightings are still being recorded around Somalisa, and are most vividly described by our guests themselves who wrote:

“We saw three wild dogs being chased from the pan by a big Bull elephant. Two buffalo were killed on the same night about 20 meters away from the pan by two female lion. These same two female lion had a little rumble and tumble and chased off a big male lion the following night… they were protecting their cubs… the females were batting him with their paws etc right next to the guest toilet by the main area.” -November 2008

“The male lion has been in and out of the camp and we hear him every night…” – November 2008

We have had sable at the pan, a big herd of 60 buffalo this morning also at the pan along with Zebra, a crowned crane and many other birds” – November the 17th

The Chobe Enclave on which our Linyanti Bush Camp is located has also received refreshing rains. This is quite a relief as the whole of Southern Africa, mainly Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia experienced severe field fires this last October. A number of measures initiated by the Camps managers and National park officials have always been in place to contain these natural fires.