In 2012, African Bush Camps in collaboration with the African Bush Camps Foundation, initiated a campaign “H20 Hwange” to support the ongoing efforts to ensure adequate water sources are available for the wildlife in Hwange National Park.



Following two years of devastating Dry Season’s, Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park faces a critical situation annually as the dryer months of September through to November take place. Many of the natural water-holes around the National Park dry up and wildlife continue to congregate in their masses around areas and pans which have limited sources of water remaining. WEZ (Wildlife Environment Zimbabwe) and ‘Friends of Hwange’, have worked in collaboration with National Parks for several years to pump water into several pans spread throughout the Park. Due to limited funding, not all Pans are consistently pumped and these organisations, along with other operators in the Park are continually looking at ways to improve the water situation around Hwange National Park.


The H2O Campaign has received tremendous support to date and are currently working in collaboration with Elefence International to finalise the Umkawazaan Solar Borehole project. We are however in discussion with WEZ and National Parks to assist with additional waterholes as well as continue to maintain the current waterholes which we look after. We are therefore appealing to all our friends and supporters to assist in the fund-raising efforts to supply water to the animals in the areas on and surrounding our Concession where Somalisa Camp and Somalisa Acacia are based.

To support the H2O Hwange Campaign, please kindly contact us on