The access roads on the Linyanti cut line have been tough to get through, however with the rains pulling back, the tricky areas to pass have started drying out and access has become a lot easier. The area recorded the highest amount of rain fall in eight years.

Being able to find good water through our new well points in the old river bed has been our highlight and the entire water system has gone into place for the camp.

The water from the Selinda spillway has for the first time in years found its way down in view of the camp and this has attracted flocks of water fowl; pigmy geese, knock-billed ducks, teals and huge flocks of opened-billed ducks can be seen. Large herds of buffalo make their way down to the swamps at least once day in the southern parts of the camp.

The highlight was the area’s two big male lions killing a buffalo cow in the back of camp.