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Sophia and I recently went on safari - starting with Rwanda where we hiked the Mountains of Volcanoes National Park to see the Mountain Gorillas, then on to the Tanzania's Serengeti to watch the magnificent migration, our next stop was the Ngorongoro Crater where we stayed at their most quixotic Lodge, the last leg taking us to Mnemba Island where we visited Zanzibar for our last couple of days.

We saw and experienced so much of some of the highlights of East Africa, and what more we spent time with such diverse colourful people and cultures of the continent. It was an incredible glimpse of another Africa to the Southern Africa we know so well. We feel very privileged to be able to see so much of Africa's wealth whether it is the wildlife, the landscapes or its people. Returning back home to a busy safari season has got us straight back into the driving seat – only feeling wealthier to have memorable experiences with good friends whilst in another fascinating part of the world. It is our wish that you may all get the chance to visit the Gorillas of Rwanda or Uganda and visit the incredible wildebeest and Zebra migration in the Serengeti and experience the magic of East Africa and its people.

In this feature of our news letter:

bullet Somalisa Camp, the home of the giants – a safari camp unbeatable for incredible elephant experiences.
bullet Linyanti Bush Camps – “ The earth quakes” as Male lions fight for their territories, wild dogs dening, thousands of Zebra migrate through towards Chobe river front
bullet We have availability at Linyanti Bush Camp & our Luxury Mobile Safaris for September and October; please contact  or for last minute safari deals.
bullet 2008 rates have been finalised, please contact Beks at  for details.
bullet Green season rates lowered for 2008/9 and watch out for the “green season safari package”.
bullet Zimbabwe situation, business as usual for safari operators.

African Bush Camps
African Bush Camps
Somalisa Camp

Somalisa Camp continues to show case the best of its wildlife. Recently we had one of Africa's top renowned guides Nic Polenakis visit Somalisa with a family from the USA. They spent 3 nights and saw hundreds of elephants, including big herds in camp whilst around the camp splash pool. They saw lion, leopard, sable antelope, roan antelope and gemsbok.
On an average afternoon you may see over a hundred elephants come down to the camp to drink from the waterhole which is within forty yards of the camp, the camp splash pool is completely over-run by the big herds of elephants that have a preference for clean water. The pool has become a highlight for close up experiences of these magnificent beasts, the only problem is, no one has told the elephants the “no backwashing” rule when it comes to drinking. Hyena and lion have taken to drinking from the pool late at night once the elephants are done, so the musical hoop of the hyena is often heard whilst you are cuddled in bed, with wildlife activity non-stop around the camp.

The packs of nine wild dogs are hunting impala at the Ngwehla area and along the Kennedy vlei. The resident male and female leopard, although very shy will often appear for a quick drink at the camp pan. Activity of wildlife at the Somamalishe water hole near the viewing platform is buzzing with a number of elephant and antelope including the rare Roan and Sable Antelope. As it dries out more the Gemsbok (Oryx) have started coming into the flood plains in search of food and water having come in from the semi desert regions of the southern parts. If you are in search of the ultimate elephant experience, Somalisa Camp is the only place where you can wine and dine within feet of hundreds of wild elephants.

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African Bush Camps
African Bush Camps
Linyanti Bush Camp

Linyanti Bush Camp continues to be the place of big herds of buffalo, it is not uncommon to see over five hundred buffalo on one of our game drives. They graze peacefully across the Linyanti marsh towards the river in the mornings and make their way back by the afternoons creating clouds of dust which filters the afternoon sun creating spectacular sunsets. The two Linyanti Cheetah seem to be on a roll with killing Kudu cows, however they are constantly chased off their kill by the three male lions that rule the area. Recently we thought world war III was on the brink when all night, the lions roared and growled filling the night sky with deeply etched echoes that any deaf person could have heard. There was a clash between the local males and two other incoming males from the Chobe, north of the concession area. It is always incredible to see how much these well sought after cats will go through to fight and defend at all costs their territories – it is even better to experience the roaring sounds at night where silence and tranquillity has no chance, because with the commotion, all the other animals are on edge, avoiding to be a victim of survival of another species.

linyanti The resident leopard continues to pick the odd baboon off the trees in the back of camp, we suspect that she may be pregnant and will be having cubs soon. We have also seen in the area a mother cheetah and two cubs, but very wary and possible in search of an area far from the dominating lions and hyena, which is very tough in the Linyanti.

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green season
Green Season excitement is about as we invite you to visit Botswana's highlights where wildlife numbers are prolific. This is particularly on our luxury mobile safaris where we visit Nxai pan and Central Kalahari Game reserve. Moremi still remains an awesome experience; however at Nxai pan over a period of three nights, you have a very high chance of seeing cheetah hunting springbok, lion hunting zebra or Oryx. Nxai pan is regarded as probably the best game experience in the whole of Botswana during the green season. We have a Green Season special of three nights at Nxai pan and combining that with another three nights at Linyanti bush Camp, please email or enquire from your nearest African travel specialist.
Meet Your Camp Managers

Dan Terry and Sheona Benson
Dan – Linyanti Bush Camp Terry and Sheona – Somalisa Camp Benson – Relief manager

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All the best wishes
Beks & Sophia and the ABC team

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