Our New One-Stop-Shop For Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe the slepin giant awakes with and developments are underway to revive what was known as one of Africa’s jewels. Well the news is, it is still alive and has some amazing safari camps and destinations going at give away rates and prices.

We have expanded our business to include travel services within Zimbabwe. We have taken the burden of planning any tour in any part of Zimbabwe which may include any one of our camps. Advise on areas operating and safari camps that are opening. This new department allows you to tap into Beks and Sophia’s extensive exposure to tourism destinations around Zimbabwe. There is nothing that can beat genuine travel advice from people that have first hand information on a destination of your choice and what more people that live there.

Please do not hesitate to contact Yvonne at Safari Travel and Tours for any inquiries on her e-mail yvonne@africanbushcamps.com when you feel the urge to venture into Zimbabwe.