Peak Season Predators 1 - Kanga Camp


The Dry Season at Kanga Camp has proved to be a ‘predators paradise’ for the second year running. Guests have been ‘wowed’ with up close and personal encounters with Predators right in front of camp.



With daily visits from species such as Wild Dog, Lion, Leopard, Civet & Genet, some guests have been lucky enough to see three predators drinking at the Pan in front of camp, all at the same time.



Greg Rasmussen, wildlife conservation biologist and founder of the ‘Painted Dog Conservation Project’, recently visited Kanga Camp in September 2012.  Having studied the African Wild Dog (Painted Dog) for over twenty years, Greg is now instrumental in the research of this species being conducted in Mana Pools National Park. As part of their research, Greg has collared one of the packs in the Park (consisting of 14 adults and 15 puppies) which has become resident at Kanga Camp. Known as the Kanga Pack, this pack of Dogs is seen almost daily.



The Kanga Pack have provided excitement in camp on several occassions, chasing Kudu, Impala and Bushbuck through the Kanga Pan waters, some attempts unsuccessful and others providing a hard-earned meal. One evening at sundowners, guests were privy to one of these chases. A dog ran out between Tent 1 and the Kanga Main area chasing a Male Bushbuck. The chase continued through the muddy waters of the Kanga Pan, and whilst the Bushbuck gave a valiant fight for his life the predators speed and stealth was too great to escape.