The Khwai Community Area in Botswana sits adjacent to the Moremi Game Reserve and abounds with predators year round. Since the opening of our new Khwai Tented Camp, guests on game drives and walking safaris have had daily up close and personal encounters with Lions, Leopards and Wild Dogs.



Elusive, solitary and largely nocturnal creatures, leopards are notoriously shy and are the more difficult of the ‘Big Cats’ to see in the wild. However, with a large Leopard population in the Khwai area, the opportunity to see the species is increased substantially.



A leopards success in the wild, can be attributed to its notorious ability for stealth, its adaptability to varied habitats, its unequaled ability to climb trees (even when carrying a heavy carcass) and its ability to run at speeds of up to 58 kms per hour.