Somalisa Camp and Somalisa Acacia have been a hive of activity over the last two weeks with regular visits from the predators. Last week, in the dead of the night, we had a pride of lions walking around the camp. Their spoor was seen the next morning on most of the tent paths. 2 lionesses were spotted the next day attempting to hunt a zebra coming down to the Pan to drink. Having failed in their attempts, the Lionesses slowly made their way into the shade of the Acacia forest above Somalisa Acacia Camp.  The pride comprises of 6 lions including a young male called Kaikori.

Their regular visits to the Pan in front of the camps has led us to believe that the lions have become settled on our concession and this may be due to the extra animals that have become dependant on the pumped water within our Concession.

Yesterday, whilst on a game drive, our guests were privy to yet another pride of lions that was seen at Ngweshla feasting on a young Elephant Carcass.

The presence of the Lions on our Concession has resulted in many evenings spent listening the giggling squeals of our resident hyena pack running havoc in the bush surrounding the Camps.

We also had a surprise encounter of a beautiful young leopard very close to the main area decking, drinking at the pan in front of Somalisa Camp two evenings ago. Whilst it was a great sighting, unfortunately all the guests were at Acacia viewing the Elephants drinking from the pool!