Remembering Cecil

Remembering Cecil and looking forward in a positive direction

The recent and tragic death of the beloved Lion Cecil, who was a regular resident on the Somalisa Concession, left us all at African Bush Camps completely devastated following the loss of a member of our Pride. We have been closely monitoring the situation, maintaining regular contact with Brent Staplekamp from the Lion Research Unit (who has been incredible throughout this ordeal), and our Professional Guiding Team have been following his remaining pride which includes Jericho, 3 lionesses and 7 cubs. What has been both astounding and overwhelming for us all, has been the devastation and outcry from the International Community over Cecil’s death, and we would like to thank all our friends and colleagues globally for sharing our sadness and for your unwavering support.


Cecil’s life story is one of great courage in the face of countless challenges, and over the course of the last 7 years, he had quickly become established as one of the most viewed and recognised lions in Hwange National Park by both Photographic Safari Operators and hundreds, if not thousands of Local, Regional and International Tourists visiting Zimbabwe. WildCru, an Oxford University Conservation Research Unit, has been researching the Lion Populations in Hwange for Twenty Years and recently published an article giving an overview of the Biography of Cecil.


What is evident, is that Cecil’s story has touched countless individuals, groups and Conservation Bodies worldwide, and that his death has highlighted a deeper routed requirement for the need to reassess our global conservation efforts to ensure the long term protection of wildlife species and habitats, not only in Africa but throughout the World. It is fitting that in the wake of Cecil’s death, his courageous ROAR is being used as a Global campaign for all species, and that he has sparked collaboration amongst various organisations and industries to play an integral part in making a difference.


Here on the ground in Hwange National Park, where Cecil was born and recently died, a collaboration of Photographic Operators have banded together to form the Lion Conservation and Wildlife Fund  an initiative spear-headed by our CEO Beks Ndlovu, in an effort to ensure the long term protection of Lions and other wildlife species and habitats in and around Hwange National Park. Through dialogue and working with the relevant authorities, stakeholders and communities, the aim of the Lion Conservation and Wildlife Fund is to bring about effective and sustainable changes to ensure the survival of the National Park and our Heritage for future generations (both locally and internationally) to be able to enjoy this wildlife haven.

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“I was not the Lion, But it fell to me to give the Lion’s Roar” – Winston Churchill