Lions By Night And Elephants By Day

The water hole in the front of Somalisa camp has continued to provide some outstanding wild life sightings whilst lounging at Somalisa’s pool side.

In an afternoon one can see a number of herds of elephant come and go through camp and some of which have been spoilt with the clean and fresh water from the pool. As most of the water holes have dried up this time of the year, the herds of buffalo and Zebra have intensified around the existing water.

On one of the evenings a we experienced an elephant cow panic over it’s little baby that ended up doing “ele paddle” in the pool and could not find it’s way out until Bobbie the camp manager went in to rescue and push the baby out who proceeded to graciously show it’s appreciation by charging him once it was out.

The two Somalisa brothers (lions) killed a young elephant bull a few hundred yards from camp and allowed the camp to see them drink from the camp water hole every-night, not to mention the loud roars of contentment and communication with other lions in the area.On the last day of the clean up the Somalisa pride of 16 arrived at the scene in time to take over from the bloated and heavily fed males. A clan of over 14 Hyenas rounded the excitement off leaving very little for the vultures that had been patiently waiting for a few days.

Gemsbok sightings continue near the platform and Manga area, with a number of roan antelope and sable in the acacia islands. We were fortunate to have a bat eared fox den site with 5 pups that can be seen on most evenings.

One of the commonly seen white rhino has recently been involved in a serious fight with another bull and broken it’s long horn, however it is already on the mend and will start growing again.

Foster one of the resident professional guides continues to enjoy early morning walks tracking white rhino with his keen guests.