'Survival of the fittest' at Somalisa Camp

Guests were treated to a shocking spectacle of ‘Survival of the fittest’ ten days ago when two Elephant Bulls close to Somalisa Pan were found clashing. The older bull had already sustained a severe stab wound to the chest region and was bleeding profusely when our guide and guests arrived on the scene. Travel Agent, Michael Haines, from The Safari & Company in Canada was there to witness the event. “In over 20 years of being on safari, I have never seen anything quite like this, very dramatic, and goes to show, each day on safari offers new experiences…” commented Michael following the incident. Unfortunately the fight took place just behind some bushes so they were unable to get clear photographs, but Michael Haines managed to get a few which he has kindly passed on to us to use.

Two Elephant Bulls Fight to the Death at Somalisa


It was not long before the older bull collapsed and the younger bull immediately took advantage and began ramming the beaten bull with his tusks.

Whilst this was going on, an old Elephant Bull appeared from the East and came sauntering down towards the two. The younger bull immediately fled back into the bush to the west. What happened next left our professional guide Mike and his guests speechless and in awe for hours…. As the Old bull approached the collapsed bull on the ground, he fell to his knees and with one huge sharp lunge placed his tusk through the collapsed elephants mouth and into its brain. The bull then got to its feet, turned around and left with a saunter not looking back once.

The defeated Old Bull

Our Team at Somalisa then assisted National Parks with transport to the scene where the tusks were removed and taken into safe and secure holding.

Whilst all who were present acknowledged that it was a unique and once in a lifetime experience, they all agreed that it was a very emotional experience to watch as nature took its course in such a dramatic way.