Wild Dogs at Kanga Camp, Mana Pools

As the Weather Heats up, so too does the activity in our Zimbabwe Camps.

Kanga Camps, Mana Pools

The Wild Dogs at Mana Pools have been the most regular and frequent visitors to our Kanga Camp recently. Their visits have included showing off the new generation of their pack with a beautiful litter of pups, as well as rudely interrupting guests at dinner to feast on their own meal: an Impala at Kanga Pan in front of the main dining area. The Lions have also been regular visitors and clients were out tracking two lioness with three cubs this morning.

In addition, we recently had a flurry of excitement and romance when a guest proposed to his girlfriend whilst canoeing down the Zambezi River. Read the story of a [intlink id=”5003″ type=”post”]romantic safari[/intlink]

Somalisa Camp, Hwange National park

Somalisa Camp and Somalisa Pan appear to be the new favourite drinking spots for 4 rhino that have previously been regulars at Ngweshla Pan in Hwange National Park. The rhinos have now been at the waterhole for the past four days and have provided great entertainment to clients in camp. In addition over 1,000+ buffalos were drinking in front of camp two days ago, along with the regular large herds of elephants.

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