The Vuche Vuche Basket Weaving Co-operative began in January 2011.  The aim behind the project was to create employment for women who were either not employed or only employed on a part time basis. Over the past four years, the group has grown substantially and now consists of twenty ladies, some of whom are widows and are having to take care of their families solely and others who are taking care of orphaned children or their elderly parents. Their materials are harvested from the bush around the nearby village of Satau and all dyes used are 100% natural. By collecting these reeds it helps the growth of the plant, making it sustainable for the environment. It can take anywhere from three days to a month to create the baskets. At the moment, the ladies’ only market is self-drives who visit Chobe National Park or people who know about the group.  They are hoping to expand this with the building of their craft shop and by selling their wares through African Bush Camps accommodations in Botswana & Zimbabwe.

Vuche Vuche