Excellent Up Close And Personal Encounters

A Letter received this week from our Camp Manager at Somalisa Camp highlights the most recent sightings and feedback from camp

Guests at Somalisa and Somalisa Acacia have been privy to some excellent up close and personal encounters of a pride of lions which have for the most part been resident on and around our concession this year. Earlier this week the pride killed a buffalo not far from camp and one of our guests Matthew Gray managed to capture some fantastic images of the sighting on camera. In addition, a mother cheetah and her cub have been sighted regularly lying under the shade of the tree during the heat of the day. With the onset of the Dry Season the elephant numbers continue to increase with larger herds drinking more regularly from the swimming pools in front of each camp.

Feedback has been outstanding of late with one guest commenting that they "almost felt that at any minute Ernest Hemingway would be joining them for dinner”.

We will continue to keep you updated but expect that our sightings and up close encounters will only continue to increase as the temperatures warm up, the area drys out and the waterholes come into greater demand amongst the various species.

Gloria Browning
Gloria Browning
Somalisa Concession Manager