Updated Sightings In The Kanga Camp

Increased excitement as the Dry Season kicks in

A Letter received this week from our Camp Manager at Kanga Camp highlights the most recent sightings and feedback from camp

The water inland of the Zambezi River is slowly starting to dry up and the consistency and concentration of animals is once again picking up at Kanga Pan. Recent sightings have included the resident leopard, civets and genets which come down almost every evening to drink from the pan. Lions have been regularly spotted on the concession and can often be heard nearby whilst enjoying dinner under the stars on the Kanga Decking. Guests are already beginning to enjoy our concept of the “Armchair Safari” as larger herds of elephant as well as buffalo, kudu, impala and bushbuck come down to the Pan to drink at staggered periods throughout the day, whilst the evenings are spent enjoying occasional sightings of the more elusive predators such as leopard and hyena. The Painted Dogs have started to frequent the Pan more and we anticipate an upsurge in the activity with each day that progresses towards the warmer months.

We have already had guests who are choosing not to go on game drives and instead have decided to remain in camp to sit back and relax whilst enjoying the wildlife activity around the Kanga Pan. The Elephants in this area seem to have become used to our presence now and breeding herds with younger babies are visiting more regularly providing fantastic photographic opportunities.

Overall the feedback from Kanga over the past few months has been exceptional and guests have continued to comment on the uniqueness of the inland experience and how special Kanga Camp is. We look forward to continuing to update you on our sightings and guests experiences over the coming months.

Caisias Tembo
Caisias Tembo
Kanga Camp – Manager