Updated Sightings In Zambezi Life Styles

Close Encounters Of The Elephants Walking

A Letter received this week from our Camp Manager at Zambezi Life Styles highlights the most recent sightings and feedback from camp

There is something quite special about walking the long stretch of the Mana Pools floodplain, viewing several species at one time whilst overlooking the majestic Zambezi River. Eland, Kudu, Waterbuck, Impala, Baboons and Elephants reaching up to the branches of the Ana trees can all be captured in one glimpse. Guests have been especially lucky to have up close encounters of the elephants walking through the middle of camp mid morning as they make their way down to the cool waters of the Zambezi. During the evenings, hyena’s have been sighted on the outskirts of camp whilst listening to the distant calls of lions along the floodplain. The lions and wild dogs are being seeing on a regular basis but often our guides are tracking the lions on foot.

With clear and sunny skies - canoeing has been very good over the last few weeks due to lesser winds and the sunsets and sunrises are starting to get more exceptional with each day that passes due to the increase of dust as the area continues to dry out.

We have noticed an increase in guests wanting to experience both the riverside and inland experience and opting for 5 - 6 nights in Mana Pools National Park.

Rob Janisch
Rob Janisch
Mana Pools Operations Manager