What could be more breath-taking than waking up to a view of the mighty Zambezi River?

Waking up to this magical view, guests at Zambezi Life Styles were recently surprised to find two female lionesses strolling through the camp. As our guests slowly made their way to the breakfast table, the lions melted into the distance walking towards the four inland pools after which Mana Pools was named. As breakfast was being served, a curious visitor approached, viewing the scene with interest whilst scratching itself against the bark of a tree.


On the other side of the camp, another Elephant climbs an anthill to reach up into the branches and feast on nature’s delights. The Elephants at Mana Pools, and at our Zambezi Life Styles camp, have been a daily spectacle… Cooling themselves in the waters of the Zambezi, throwing mud on their backs until every inch of skin is glistening a dark grey, relieving their itching dry skin against the bark of trees and reaching up into the taller branches to satisfy their hunger.



Other species viewed at Zambezi Life Styles in the last two weeks include: Wild Dog, Buffalo, Hippos, Crocodiles, Kudu, Impala, Baboons, Vervet Monkey’s, Banded Mongoose, Slender Mongoose, Bushbuck, and warthog.